With our brands positioned for explosive growth, the mOOkstr leadership team is looking to add products and/or projects to their portfolio this year. There is no shortage of ideas to pursue and we look forward to exploring any number of opportunities with our clients and partners.

Launched and powered by mOOkstr in 2010, RetailSync is our flagship brand which features functionality used by a variety of suppliers / retailers. The brand is slowly and organically disrupting a 75-100 million dollar industry and built on a foundation that is scalable to support a variety of needs. Features include, but not limited to:

Ability to extract a wide variety of data from Walmart’s Retail Link system.
Ability to extract a wide variety of data from Sam’s MADRID system.
Target, Walgreens, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and other portals are extracted as well.
These data extractions can either go to your desktop, your enterprise data warehouse/lake or to our enterprise data warehouse.
Once the data lands in our warehouse, we can provide any number of services like data transformation / blending, canned reports, interactive dashboard, data alerts and recaps, and also have analysts on staff to help you leverage and make sense of the data.


On occasion, mOOkstr will take on consulting gigs where we augment a team’s staff or perhaps launch a software/technology product on behalf of our clients. The clients own the code and idea, we simply help execute their vision. Seriously, the sky's no limit here. We have a wide range of experience and most importantly, we have the capacity to learn and achieve. A crucial skill in a technology industry that changes daily. Here are just a few of the things we’ve done:

Created an automated fixture and category modular tool that used point of sales data and other inputs to suggest store specific modulars that were so successful it took 2 months of manual labor down to 1 week.
Numerous business intelligence, corporate performance management, and data warehousing engagements. Too many to count really and some of those were in the petabyte range.
We once built a high frequency trading application that streamed data from the stock market at a rate of 2 million rows per second. The interface allowed configuration of rules for when to buy and when to sell, resulting in an order placed automatically.
Have done a few projects for the largest retailer in the world, shame we can’t tell you what they were.


We’ve always said if we could find folks half as passionate about building their ideas as we are with building ours, then we’d gladly partner and bring something great to market. The reality is we all have great ideas. Few of us know how to execute them. At times we feel like we need working capital to execute them, but what happened to the old days where we just got up early and worked our butts off? Consider a new business model where you’re the majority shareholder and mOOkstr is a minority. We simply trade services for equity.


You’ll hear us say, "Allow your people to fail, not be failures." Failing is how we learn. Learning is how we improve. And boy have we learned and improved a lot. Here are just a few of the projects we’ve funded with little to no success to date, but doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying.

vPrac: Stands for virtual practice which was a service oriented web application that allowed attorneys to create their own website, sell documents online as part of that website (be your own LegalZoom), and manage all their clients projects within their portal. Still love the idea and concept but, we’re worried it was ahead of its time. The idea has been shelved for the time being.
Prodavision: Inspired by one our favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, ProdaVision took advantage of augmented reality technology. Suppliers could sign up via the website, upload their own content (recipes, images, videos, etc), and then the mobile app would pick out the item in store and render details. The prototype was sound and had some traction, but we have shelved the idea for now.
StoreVis: StoreVis was essentially a Facebook with a point of sales analytical twist. Part Facebook, part retail analytics, all awesome. The product has evolved into RetailSync and will some day rise again.